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Coconut Lime Luxury Candle

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Drink it all up... Notes of toasted coconut and fresh lime create a delicious and refined island scent. An impeccable summer fragrance or a reminder in of warm, summer breezes. 

These are hand poured in small batches in Canada. Even your labels are designed in house (no Canva generated labels here!)



Soo River label by Turner Avenue scents have unisex appeal.

35-45 hour burn time

For best burn results:

Your first burn is the most important one. Try to achieve a full melt pool or close to it. This means allowing your candle to burn for at least 1 hour or up to 4. Each burn should be long enough to generate a decent melt pool to prevent, "tunneling."

As with all candles, please keep in mind the recommended safety advice: 

-Never leave candles unattended.

-Never leave candles within reach of children or pets.

-Never leave candles on or under flammable surfaces. 

-Keep your wick short; gently pinching excess charred wood is advised.

-Extinguish a flame that seems too high and try again. 

-Never use water to extinguish a flame, instead use a candle snuff.

Our products have been tested to ensure a safe and quality burn. On the rare occasion that your wooden wick does not cooperate and burn to your satisfaction, email a photo of it misbehaving and if we can't fix it a new candle will be sent to you. Sometimes wooden wicks play little tricks but are often fixed by simply re-lighting.