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Luxury Candle and Home Scents Collection- SOLD OUT

"I received one for Christmas and it was exceptional." Mary G, London

"This Poached Pear candle smells so amazing..." Val M, Dundas

"The Clementine candle smells great...." Jen, Brampton

"This is making my day much better. It smells delish." Carolyn R, Burlington

"They all smell so good. I need to order more!" Dianne T, Hamilton

"Your wood wick candles burn better than any I have had." Cathy, Ancaster

New, smoke grey vessels! These are clean, sophisticated and look perfect in any room. 

These 8oz wooden wick candles are made with coconut wax for the cleanest, longest burn you can imagine; 35-45 hours of elegant fragrance. Hand poured in small batches, they consist of delicious, sophisticated scents; all vegan, phthalate and paraben free. Strong enough to make you close your eyes and breathe in the experience but never overpowering. Cured for a minimum of two weeks, these lovely candles will add a beautiful scent to any room. The labels are designed by designer, Sarah Pierson and private label service is always available. A perfect gift for employees, customers, housewarming or hostess gifts. Looking for a special, personalized gift? Contact us.

Wooden wicks offer a pleasing crackle and appearance. The 8oz sized candle is ideal for a small to medium sized room for best burn results. Our Wood wicks are sourced from sustainable FSC certified mills in the USA.

Your vessel can be recycled or better yet, re-used. When your wax gets to .25" of the bottom of the jar, place it in a freezer. After several hours, remove it and the wax should be loose enough to pry from the jar. The wick can be carefully removed with plyers.  

Always try to let your candle reach "full melt pool," or close to it, especially on the first burn as this will make your candle burn evenly and not "tunnel." This is achieved in about 2-4 hours. 

Don't leave your candles unattended, near children, pets or flammable items.

Vegan, phthalate free, paraben free, hand poured in Canada.

"Homemade candles that don't look homemade."