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Tuscan Florals

We came across an ancient, woven Italian altar tapestry and hand sketched it in more vivid colors. It is printed on 100% organic cotton/hemp: A soft, natural fabric that renders colours beautifully. 

Tuscan Floral Tapestry is a formal pattern that repeats every 18". 

Tuscan Floral Pattern takes elements from the main print and repeats them in a random pattern.

Tuscan Floral Stripe is a repeated stripe pattern made from a single element in the main pattern.

These fabrics are custom printed in small quantities and therefore take up to two weeks to produce and ship. We can make some color changes by request. Please use the contact page to enquire about possible color changes. 

74% organic cotton/26% organic hemp

1 yard= 36" x 57"

Suggested usage; pillows, curtains, occasional chairs.